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  • Domestic life in England
  • Subjects: anecdotes,

    • 1. Domestic life in England, from the earliest period to the present time. With notices of origins, inventions, and modern improvements in the social arts. By the editor of "The family manual and servant's guide". With engravings.
      16.0 x 10.0 cm   Pp [i-iii] iv-viii [ix] x-xix [xx] [1] 2-379 [380]   Tp engr, illus  
      GB:   *OPo(F)  

      The title-page engraving is of a sheaf of lilies beneath a quotation from Samuel Johnson: "No money is better spent that what is laid out from domestic satisfaction". The contents are arranged in sections, each dealing with one of a miscellaneous collection of subjects including housing, meals, furniture, almanacks, chimneys and fireplaces, newspapers, candles, coals, and domestic servants.

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