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HAWEIS, Mary Eliza   1852-1898

  • Art of housekeeping
  • Subjects: compendium,

    • 1. The art of housekeeping / a bridal garland / by Mrs. Haweis / author of "Beautiful houses". "The art of beauty". "Chaucer for schools," etc., etc.
      17.0 x 11.0 cm   Pp [i-v] vi-vii [viii] [1] 2-183 [184], [1] 2-32 publ ads  
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      The book is intended for young middle-class women setting up home, and provides detailed information about equipment, prices, fuel bills and how to engage servants, among other topics. The author's remarks on different types of lighting are of particular interest. She recommends the newly-invented electric light to wealthy households only.

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