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KITCHINER, William   1775?-1827

Dr. Kitchiner is best known as the author of the eccentric cookery book "The cook's oracle' first published in 1817.

  • Housekeeper's ledger
  • Subjects: accounts,

    • 1. The housekeeper's ledger: a plain and easy plan of keeping accurate accounts of the expenses of housekeeping and the elements of domestic economy. By William Kitchiner, M.D. author of The cook's oracle, The art of invigorating and prolonging life, The economy of the eyes, Observations on singing, etc. and editor of The loyal, national, and sea songs of England. To which is added, Tom Thrifty's essay on the pleasure of early rising, and scheme for an early hour company.
      19.5 x 13.0 cm   Pp [i-iii] [1] 2-83 [84] [i-xxxii]  
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      The last thirty-two pages are blank account sheets. There is also a song, "The "Tis Buts'", complete with music, with words by Dr. Kitchiner "adapted to the old English ballad tune of The Fortune Teller'.
      In addition to his plan for keeping accounts Dr. Kitchiner offers general advice on etiquette and moral conduct. The main interest of the book lies in the author's style, which is prescriptive to the point of bullying. As in the case of his better-known work "The cook's oracle', his chief motive for writing appears to be his scorn for the abilities and characters of servants and housewives generally.

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