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EVELYN, JOHN   1620-1706

  • Acetaria. A discourse of sallets
  • Subjects: herbs, botany,

    • 1. Acetaria. A discourse of sallets. 2nd ed.
      London: printed for B. Tooke   1706
      17 cm.   191 p. pl.  
      GB:   EN LS   LBL*   LeU(B)  
      US:   DCLC;   CJ   KMK  

      1. For a life of the author; see: DNB, vol. 6 (1908), pp. 943-6.
      2. The 1st ed. was published in 1699. The recipes are given in an appendix. The first part of this work is a botanical and historical description of plants and herbs.

      Bitting, p. 149; Oxford, p. 46

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