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HEASEL, ANTHONY   flourished 1773

  • The servant's book of knowledge, containing
  • Subjects: servants, household management,

    • 1. The servant's book of knowledge, containing . . . tables for marketing . . . to which are added plain and easy instructions for servants of both sexes.
      London: printed for J. Cooke   1773
      87 p. [--]   1 sh. 6 d.  
      US:   CtY   NYPL  

      1 . Many references from this book are contained in two works by Dr J. Jean Hecht, The Domestic Servant Class in Eighteenth-Century England (London, 1956), and 'Continental and Colonial Servants in Eighteenth-century England', Smith College Studies in History, vol. 40. Dr Hecht has also drawn on the more personal but equally valuable and interesting work by John Macdonald, Memoirs of an Eighteenth-century Footman, (ed.) John Beresford (London, 1927).
      2. Scots Mag., vol. 35 (Jan. 1773), p. 39, confirms that the price was 1 sh 6 d.

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