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KELLET, SUSANNA; and ELIZABETH; and MARY   flourished 1780

  • A complete collection of cookery receipts
  • Subjects: cookery, recipes,

    • 1. A complete collection of cookery receipts, (consisting of near four hundred,) which have been taught upwards of fifty years. etc. [by Susanna, Elizabeth, and Mary Kellet].
      Newcastle upon Tyne: printed by T. Saint   Sold by W. Charnley, Whitfield & Co.   1780
      22 cm.   vi, xii, 192 p.  
      GB:   LBL   LeU(B)*   NPL  
      US:   CaBVaUW   DCLC  

      1. This work is dedicated by these three cookery teachers (probably a mother and two daughters, or three sisters) to 'The Ladies who honoured our School with their attendance', and the dedication is followed by a list of subscribers. Only two of the many receipts are medicinal; one for rheumatism, the other an alleged cure for the bite of a mad dog.
      2. The LeU(B) copy contains the bookplate of Thomas Bell, 1797.

      Bitting, p. 256

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