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KIDDER, EDWARD   1666-1739

  • E. Kidder's receipts of pastry and cookery, for the use of his scholars
  • Subjects: cookery, pastry, education,

    • 1. E. Kidder's receipts of pastry and cookery, for the use of his scholars. Who teaches at his school in Queen Street near St. Thomas Apostles. On Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays, in the afternoon. Also on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays, in the afternoon, at his school next to Furnivals Inn in Holborn. Ladies may be taught at their own houses.
      [London]: printed for [----]   [c.1720]
      19 cm.   80 p. [or 40 unnumbered leaves] frontis. pls.  
      GB:   LBL   LGL   LeU(B)*  
      US:   KMK   MB   NIC  

      --another ed. ['. . . school in Queen Street . . .' is changed to '. . . school in St. Martins le Grand . . .']. [London]; printed for [----], [c.1725]. LBL; LWML: DCLC; OrU
      1. All the bibliographies and catalogues, with one exception, date both of Kidder's editions as 'ca. 1740,, which is an error; see Catalogue of Printed Books in the Wellcome Historical Medical Library: 1641-1850, op. cit., vol. 3, p. 390, which shows that Kidder was born in 1666 and died in 1739. As his title-pages were advertising his cookery schools, there can be no doubt that his work was published in his lifetime, and the present compiler has judged the dates of the two editions to be much earlier. The John Crerar Library in Chicago holds a Kidder MS of about 1730 which shows that his schools were then 'in little Lincoln Inn feilds [sic] . . . and Norris-street in St. James's market'. Assuming that he progressed as his schools became better known, it could also be assumed that he moved to better addresses. If so, allowing for five ye

      Bitting, pp. 258-9; Oxford, p. 71

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