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  • The ladies annual journal: or complete pocket book
  • Subjects: diary, household management, recipes, medicine, cosmetics, etiquette,

    • 1. The ladies annual journal: or complete pocket book for the year 1771 . . . an elegant bill of fare for every month in the year. etc.
      London: printed for Elizabeth Stevens and J. Taylor  
      neatly bound in red.   1 sh. DDDD 1770 [----] [----]  

      --another ed. London: printed for [----], [1786]. --: NYPL
      1. This work, as the title clearly indicates, is not a book but a diary. One main entry, with a few variants by other printers or publishers, will suffice, therefore, to exemplify a publication which scarcely altered in its layout whatever the year or whomsoever the printer. In the great majority of cases, apart from providing a blank page for each day of the year, these special diaries for women contained, in preliminary pages or interspersed between the months or in appendices, useful household information, mostly bills of fare for each month of the year, but also home cures, hints on beauty treatment, advice on social etiquette, and occasionally cookery recipes. Due to their personal nature, it is doubtful if many of them survived the lifetimes of their owners. They are rarely held by libraries or sought after by collectors.
      2. This entry (1770 ed.) is based on an advertisement in the Pub.Adv., (21 Dec. 1770), p. 1. The following are three other

  • The ladies companion: or modern secrets and curiosities
  • Subjects: health, cosmetics, dental,

    • 1. The ladies companion: or modern secrets and curiosities . . . containing the art of painting . . . the face . . . the art of preserving . . . the hair . . . the art of preserving the teeth. etc.
      London: printed and sold by A. Baldwin   [c.1760]
      15 cm.  
      US:   CtY  

      1. The preface is signed 'T.B.'

  • The ladies companion; or, the housekeeper's guide
  • Subjects: household management, beer, brewing,

    • 1. The ladies companion; or, the housekeeper's guide: being a magazine of such choice matters, as the housekeeper ought not to be without . . . with a great variety of other materials as will be found both necessary and valuable . . . the most certain and best method for the management of a good beer cellar: how to restore sour beer to its perfection; . . . also an extraordinary good way of preserving a constant stock of yeast. [by a gentlewoman].
      London: printed for [----]   1756
      80 p. [----]  
      GB:   LWML*  

      1. The author fully described herself as 'a Gentlewoman, Who has been a Housekeeper to several Noble Families many Years'.
      2. The LWML copy (1756) has the imprint cropped from the title-page, which has destroyed the printer's name and all that was below it, and made accurate measurement of the work impos- sible. The copy bears the signature of Dr A. W. Oxford on the flyleaf, but, strangely, the word- ing of the title-page varies from the entry he recorded in his bibliography; see Oxford, p. 87.
      SSSS Oxford, p. 87

  • The ladies' delight, or cook-maids best instructor
  • Subjects: cookery, servants,

    • 1. The ladies' delight, or cook-maids best instructor.
      London: printed for Henry Woodgate and Samuel Brooks   [c.1770]
      15 cm.   116 p.  
      US:   MCR*  

      Oxford, p. 104

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