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LEMERY, LOUIS   1677-1743

  • A treatise of foods
  • Subjects: food, health, medicine,

    • 1. A treatise of foods, in general: First, the difference and choice which ought to be made of each sort in particular. Secondly, the good and ill effects produced by them. Thirdly, the principles wherewith they abound. And, Fourthly, the time, age and constitution they suit with. etc. Written in French . . . Now done into English by D[aniel] Hay.
      London: printed for John Taylor   1704
      20 cm.   xx, 320 p.  
      GB:   EUL   LWML   LeU(B)*  
      US:   DCLC   MH   NjP  

      --another ed. London: printed for John Taylor, 1704. LeU(B)
      --another ed. London: printed for Andrew Bell, 1706. --: DN LM; FU
      --another ed; to which is added an introduction treating of foods in general. London: printed for T. Osborne, 1745. ENLS; LBL; LeU(B)
      --2nd ed. London: printed for T. Osborne, 1745. LWML; LeU(B): DCLC; MiD; NYPL
      --3rd ed. London: printed for W. Innys, T. Longman, and T. Shewell, 1745. LWML: CaBVaUW; DCLC; KMK
      1. The author is described as 'Regent-Doctor of the Faculty of Physick at Paris, and of the Academy Royal of Sciences'. For his biography see Nouvelle Biographie Generale, tome 30 (Paris, 1859), p. 603: Dr Louis Lemery was the son of Dr Nicolas Lemery; see under next entry.
      2. For Dr D[aniel] Hay see Catalogue of Printed Books in the Wellcome Historical Medical Library: 1641-1850, op. cit., vol. 3, p. 226.
      3. Oxford, p. 48, in a footnote, states: 'To this book is appended the imprimatur of the College of Physicians as well as translations of those given by the University o

      Bitting, p. 281; Oxford, p. 48

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