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Turner, William   

  • Natures and properties of all wines
  • Subjects: domestic medicine, wine, preservatives,

    • 1. A new boke / of the natures and pro- / perties of all Wines that / are commonlye used here in / England, with a confutation of an errour of some men, that holds that / Rhemish and other small white wines / ought not to be drunken of them that either / have, or are in danger of the stone. / the reume, and divers other diseases, made by Wil= / liam Turner, doc= / tor of Phi= / sicke. // Whereunto is annexed the booke of the natures / and virtues of Triacles, newly correc- / ted and set foorth againe by / the sayde William / Turner.
      William Seres   1568
      8.7 x 13.6   8o A-F8 Gin4
      GB:   LeU(B)  

      Treats wines in medicines, and gives information on triacles as preservatives
      Dedication A2: to Sir William Cecill (chief Secretary to Queen). F8v: Admonition to Reader: men and woman should be careful in their use of the triacles.
      Tables to Triades follow Giv.
      See also F. Seager, The Schoole of vertue.

      PR 24360

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