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MASON, SIMON   born 1701

  • The good and bad effects of tea consider'd.
  • Subjects: tea, properties, health,

    • 1. The good and bad effects of tea consider'd. Wherein are exhibited, the physical virtues of tea . . to which are subjoined, some considerations on afternoon tea- drinking. etc.
      London: printed for M. Cooper   1745
      23 cm.   52 p.   1 sh.  
      GB:   EULí*   LBL  
      US:   CtY-M   MH  

      1. The author was an apothecary.
      2. Gents.Mag., vol. 16 (Sept. 1745), p. 504, confirms that the price was 1 sh.

  • Practical observations in physick
  • Subjects: health, medicine, aging,

    • 1. Practical observations in physick . . . to which are added rules and directions how to preserve good health and long life. etc.
      Birmingham: printed by T. Warren   1757
      21 cm.   xlix, 260 p.  
      US:   DNLM   MiU   NNNAM  

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