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MELROE, ELIZA   flourished 1798

  • An economical, and new method of cookery
  • Subjects: cookery, recipes, economy,

    • 1. An economical, and new method of cookery; describing upwards of eighty cheap, wholesome, and nourishing dishes . . . adapted to the necessity of the times, equally in all ranks of society. etc.
      London: printed and published for the author, by C. Chapple   sold by T. N. Longman   1798
      20 cm.   viii, 94 p.   2 sh. 6 d.  
      GB:   DoCL   LBL*   LeU(B)  
      US:   DCLC   MiD   NYPL  

      1. This pamphlet was one of several in the same vein which was produced as a response to the hardship caused in this period by both the shortage and high price of commodities.
      2. Scots Mag., vol. 60 (Apr. 1798), p. 271, confirms that the price was 2 sh. 6 d. 'or six for 10 sh. 6 d. if purchased by clubs of the labouring poor, or intended for their use'.

      Bitting, pp. 319-20; Oxford, p. 125

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