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MENON, [----]   flourished 1740-1795

  • The art of modern cookery displayed
  • Subjects: cookery, pastry, confectionary, french,

    • 1. The art of modern cookery displayed. Consisting of the most approved methods of cookery, pastry, and confectionary of the present time. Translated from ['] Les Soupers de la Cour, ou, La Cuisine Reformee [']; the last and most complete practice of cookery published in French. etc. [Anon.]
      London: printed for the translator   sold by R. Davis   1767
      21 cm.   [2 volumes bound together]. xvi, 286, 289-588 p.   6 sh.  
      GB:   OBL*  
      US:   DCLC   MH   NNNAM  

      --2nd ed. [with changed title-page, but same contents: The professed cook: or, the modern art of cookery, pastry, and confectionary, made plain and easy. Consisting of the most approved methods in the French as well as English cookery .... Translated from ['] Les Soupers de la Cour ['] . . . And adapted to the London markets]. London: printed for R. Davis, and T. Caslon, 1769. LBL; LWML: DCLC; MCR
      --3rd ed. revised and much enlarged. London: printed for W. Davis, 1776. LeU(B): KMK; MCR; NYPL
      1. See Vicaire, p. 591, for the work by Menon published in France, of which this book (1767 ed.) is a translation. Vicaire does not give the Christian name of Menon, and searches for it elsewhere have proved unsuccessful.
      2. The translator of the 1767 ed. does not reveal his identity until the publication of the 3rd ed., when he describes himself as 'B. Clermont, who has been many years Clerk of the Kitchen in some of the first families of this kingdom, and lately to the Right Hon. the Earl of Abingdon'; see Rudolph, p

      Bitting, p. 519; Oxford, pp. 95 and 101.

  • The French family cook: being a complete system of French cookery
  • Subjects: cookery, french,

    • 1. The French family cook: being a complete system of French cookery . . . instructions for making out bills of fare for the four seasons of the year . . . translated from the French. [Anon.]
      London: printed for J. Bell   1793
      21 cm.   xxiv, 342 p.  
      GB:   CUL   LBL*   LeU(B)  
      US:   DCLC   NIC   NYPL  

      --4th ed. enlarged by S. Taylor. [main title changed, but sub-titles not altered. The complete family cook; being a system of cookery]. London: printed [for ?] ]. Annereau, 1796. LWML
      1. The 1793 work is a translation of Menon's La Cuisiniere Bourgeoise (Paris, 1746); see Vicaire, p. 589.
      2. See under earlier entry: GLASSE, A., The accomplished family cook, for a pirated edition of the 1793 work, with, according to Oxford, p. 125, the same title-page, except for 'accomplished' in place of 'French'. Oxford also states that 'the book was probably a failure'.
      3. By 1796 the war with France had given the British a xenophobic attitude towards that country, and it was more than expedient to change the main-title of the 4th ed. by removing the double reference to 'French', but the publisher's or printer's surname is blatantly French.

      Bitting, p. 554; Oxford, pp. 121-2

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