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Mascall, Leonard   

  • Arte and maner how to plant and graffe
  • Subjects: domestic medicine, husbandry, preservation, wine,

    • 1. A Booke of the Arte and maner, / howe to plant and graffe all sortes of /trees, how to set stones, and save pe- / pines to make wylde trees to graffe on, as al= / so remedies and mediicines. [sic] With divers o-/ther newe practise, by one of the Abbey of /Saint Vincent in Fraunce, practised with his / owne handes, devided into seven / chapters, as hereafter more / plainely shall appeare / With an addition / in the ende / of this booke, of certaine Dutch practises, set forth and Englished, by Leo- /nard Mascall.
      Henry Dunham   John Wight.   1572
      14 x 18.3   [i-xxvi] 1-90 [90-100]   4o A-P4 Q in 2
      GB:   LeU(B)  

      Tp wood engraved ornament of man grafting trees.
      Table starts at P2 - alphabetical to number of page.
      [A1v]: The booke unto the Reader
      [A2] Dedication: to Sir John Pawlet
      [A4v] Address: To the reader with comments on how farm work is now disdained, specifically to furtherers of commonwealth
      [B1v]: Table related to number of pages
      Mascall translates from the French of Davy Brossard. Reprinted under his name in 1640.
      Contains a few recipes for wine and the preserving of fruit and nuts.
      First edition (?) 1569, printed by H. Bynneman for J. Wright. BL: 966.i.22. (1.) 4o
      Other editions - 1575, 1582.

      BLC G.2379, see also PR 17574

    • 2. — A Booke of the Arte and maner, howe to plant and graffe all sortes of trees, É
      T. East   Thomas Wight   1592

      Poem to the Reader: different to that in 1572 edition.
      Dedication to Sir John Paulet
      Address to the Gentle Reader
      With couplet.?

      PR 17578

    • 3. — A Booke of the Arte and maner, howe to plant and graffe all sortes of trees, É
      Jane Bell   1652

      With Instructions to the planter, and a couplet at the end referring to the Commonwealth.

  • Remedies to take out spottes and stanes
  • Subjects: household chemistry,

    • 1. A profitable boke / declaring dyvers approved remedies, / to take out spottes and stanes in Silkes, Velvets / Linnen and Woolen clothes / how to dieÉ / to dresse leather / harden and make soft iron & steele // Taken out of the dutche, and englished by LM
      Thomas Purfrote, William Pounsonbie   1583
      14 x 19   [i-ii] 1-78 [79-84]   4o A-K4 L3
      GB:   LB  

      Table is alphabetical indexed to page number.

      PR 17590

  • First Booke of Cattell
  • Subjects: husbandry,

    • 1. The First Booke of Cattell
      John Wolfe   1587
      4o A-Gg
      GB:   LB  

      Dedication: Edward Monteque, Knight; 'to the furtherance of their common wealth'.
      Poem to the Husbandman by L.M.

      PR 17580

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