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NUTT, FREDERIC (fl. 1789-1819?)   

  • The complete confectioner; or, the whole art of confectionary
  • Subjects: food, confectionary,

    • 1. The complete confectioner; or, the whole art of confectionary. etc. [Anon].1
      London: printed for the author   Sold by J. Mathews   1789
      16 cm.   v-xxiv, 212 p. pls.   10 sh. 6 d.  
      GB:   AUL   ENLS*   LBL  
      US:   NYPL  

      --2nd ed. London: printed for the author, and sold by J. Mathews, 1790. LBL; LWS; LeU(B): MiD; NYPL; ViWC
      1. The author did not identify himself until the 4th ed. was published in 1807, when he said he was 'Frederic Nutt, late an apprentice to Messrs. Negri and Witten [confectioners] of Berkeley Square’'.
      2. Plate X, in the 1789 ed. opposite p. 8, shows a very early type of piping syringe, called 'the syringe mould for shaping biscuits'.
      3. Several editions of the 2nd, ed. were published in the 19th century.

      Bitting, p. 347; Oxford, p. 117

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