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A booke of soveraigne approved medicines and remedies   

  • Soveraigne approved medicines and remedies
  • Subjects: domestic medicine,

    • 1. A book of so- / veraigne approved medicines / remedies, as well for sundry dis- / eases within the body, as also for / all sores, woundes, goutes, and other / griefes whatsoever, that greeve / or moleste the body, many parts / thereof: with other proper / experimentes. // Not onely very necessary and pro= / fitable, but also commodious for all / suche as shall vouchsafe to practise / and use the same. //
      Thomas Dawson, Thomas Gardyner   1577
      8.7 x 14.0   8o A-D8E4
      GB:   LeU(B)  

      PR 3356

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