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PRENTISS, JOHN   flourished 1794

  • The compleat toilet, or ladies companion
  • Subjects: toilet, perfume, cosmetics, health,

    • 1. The compleat toilet, or ladies companion. A collection of the most simple and approved methods of preparing baths, essences, pomatums, powders, perfumes and sweet-scented waters; with receipts for cosmetics of every kind that can smooth and brighten the skin. etc. A new ed.
      New York: printed for [----]   1794

      1. Apart from a complete change of wording for the main title, all the sub-titles are identical to a book first published in English in 1772; see under earlier entry: Buc'Hoz, Pierre Joseph, The toilet of Flora It would appear to be a pirated edition and, it would seem, not the first of its kind; see under earlier entry: NEW, A new collection.
      2. For the only known reference to this work see Evans, vol. 9 (1793-4), p. 358.

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