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  • The Queen's closet opened
  • Subjects: cookery, candying, preserving, medicine, royalty,

    • 1. The Queen's closet opened. Being incomparable secrets in physick, surgery, preserving, candying and cookery, after the newest mode now practised by the most experienced persons of the times. etc. 11th ed. corrected with additions.
      London: printed for J. Phillips, H. Rhodes and J. Taylor   1710
      16 cm.   240 p.  
      GB:   LBL   LeU(B)*  
      US:   CSrnH   KMK   NNNAM  

      --11th ed. enlarged. London: printed for W. Taylor, 1713. [2 sh.] --: NYPL
      1. The Queen alluded to was Henrietta Maria, the French wife of Charles I. When the book was first published in London for Nathaniel Brook in 1655, Oliver Cromwell was Lord Protector of England, and the Queen was in exile in her native land. As Cromwell was wholly intolerant of anything Royalist and also kept a tight control on publishing, it is a wonder that the appearance of this work and a further edition the following year was tolerated. Oxford, p. 26, gives full details of the 1st ed. and the dates of all subsequent editions.
      2. BMCat. lists this work (11th ed., 1710) under 'M., W.'
      3. The LeU(B) copy is bound with 'The Compleat Cook'.
      4. Mon.Cat./1, p. 29 (Aug. 1714), confirms that the price of the 1713 edition was 2 sh.

      Oxford, p. 26

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