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SMITH, A. [Mrs]   flourished 1781-1787

  • A new book of cookery; or, every woman a perfect cook
  • Subjects: cookery, recipes, confectionary,

    • 1. A new book of cookery; or, every woman a perfect cook; containing a very great variety of approved receipts in all the branches of cookery and confectionary. etc.
      London: printed for [----]   1781
      18 cm.   219 p.  
      GB:   LeU(B)*  
      US:   MCR  

      --another ed. London: printed for [----], 1787.3 --: MH
      1. The author is described as 'Mrs. A. Smith, of Stafford' and is almost certainly the same person as Mrs Alice Smith; see next entry. But for two slight differences, the title is identical to that used for a previously cited work; see under earlier entry: PRICE, Elizabeth, The new book of cookery, which is a much longer work. It is possible that Mrs Smith was one of those who assisted Mrs Price (who freely acknowledged having received help), and who later decided to write a cookery book of her own.
      2. The LeU(B) copy is inscribed: 'Ann Ward Her Book August 27th 1788 London'.
      3. For the only known British references to the 1787 edition see Sotheby Cat. (3 May 1972), p. 20, and ibid. (9 Apr. 1973), p. 30.

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