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SMITH, Amos   flourished 1758-1760

  • The art of cookery: or, the compleat house-wife
  • Subjects: cookery, housewifery,

    • 1. The art of cookery: or, the compleat house-wife. etc.
      London: printed for the author   1758
      18 cm.   132 p.  
      US:   NYPL  

      --another ed. Edinburgh: printed for [----], 1760. [1 sh.]
      1. The author is simply described as 'Mrs. Alice Smith'. She was probably the same person as Mrs A. Smith of Stafford; see previous entry.
      2. The only known reference to the 1760 edition is given in Scots Mag., vol. 22 (Oct. 1760), p. 557.

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