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TRYON, THOMAS   1634-1703

  • The good house-wife made a doctor. etc
  • Subjects: housewifery, medicine,

    • 1. The good house-wife made a doctor. etc. [Another edition.]
      London: printed for G. Conyers   1702
      285 p. [----]  

      1. The author wrote most of his books under the pseudonym 'Philotheos Physiologus' (meaning, presumably, God-loving Student of natural phenomena), and often called himself 'Student in Physic', although he was a hatter by trade. He became a Pythagorean (or vegetarian), who won popularity in the 18th century. Benjamin Franklin, who was much impressed by his work, was a 'Tryonist' for a time, and he used Tryon's economies in Poor Richard's Almanac; see Crahan, p. 72. See also DNB, vol. 19 (1909), pp. 1201-3; and the article by A. H. T. Robb- Smith, MD, 'Doctors at Table', JAMA, vol. 224, op. cit., p. 30.
      2. This entry is based on Simon, p. 139.
      3. For earlier editions of this work see Wing STC, vol. 3 (1951), p. 398, and Sir William Osler, Bt., Bibliotbeca Osleriana (London, 1969), pp. 494-5, and Oxford, p. 43. The date of the 1st ed. is not known; another or 2nd ed. was published in 1692.
      4. Oxford gives no entry for this work, except the title and dates of publication of the first two editions. He lists ten

      Oxford, p. 43

  • The way to get wealth
  • Subjects: wine, gooseberries, currants, raspberries, servants,

    • 1. The way to get wealth; or, an easie way to make wine of gooseberries, currans [sic], raspberries . . . [and] the duty of all sorts of servant maids. etc. [Anon].
      15 cm.   76 p.  
      GB:   LBL*  
      US:   CLU-C   DCLC  

      --2nd ed. enlarged. London: printed for G. Conyers, 1706. LBL; LWS; LeU(B): DCLC
      1. Bib.Ann., vol. 2 (1701-3), p. 81, confirms that the price was 1 sh. 6 d.

      Bitting, p. 467; Oxford, p.43

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