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Levens, Peter   

  • Pathway to health
  • Subjects: diet, distillation, domestic medicine,

    • 1. A right profitable / booke for all diseases. / Called the pathway to health. / Wherein are to be found most excellent and / approved medicines of great vertue, as also no- / table potions and drinkes, and for the destillinge / of divers pretious waters, and making of oyles / and other comfortable receipts for the / healthe of the body, never before / imprinted. / Gathered by Peter Levens Maister of Arte of Oxford, and stu- / dent in Physicke & Surgery
      Edward White   1582
      13 x 18   [i-vi] 1-224 [225-8]   4o 2 A-Z4 Aa-Ee4 + 1
      GB:   LeU(B)  

      2 Dedication: to M. Elliot: 'Governor'.
      2v Address: epistle to reader, with comment that this is into English for common good.

      PR 15532.5

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