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Twine, Thomas   

  • Schoolmaster or teacher of table phylospie
  • Subjects: cookery, diet, manners,

    • 1. The Schoolmaster / or Teacher of Table / Phylosopie. / A most pleasant and merie Companion, well worthy / to be welcomed (for a dayly Cheast) not onelye to all mens boorde, to guide them with moderate and holsome dyet: but also into everymans Companie at all tymes, to recreat their mindes, with honest mirth and delecta- / ble devises: to sundry pleasant purposes of pleasure and pastyme. // Gathered out of divers, the best approved / Authors: and devided into foure pithy and pleasant Treatises, as it may / appeare by the contentes.
      Richard Johns   1583/1576 (1583)
      13 x 17.8   4o A4-R4
      GB:   LeU(B)  

      Items sep'd by headings, eg: 'Chap. 14'.
      A1v Preface: The Printers preamble to all estates, for the friendly entertainment of this Teacher of Table Philosophie.
      Dedication: to Rt Worshipfull M. Alexander Nowell, Dean of St. Pauls saying T.T. got it from a little pamphlet.
      First book: natural philosophie: Meates drinkes & sauces; 2nd book: moral philosophie: manners; 3rd book: natural philosophie: pleasant chit-chat and 'poetic problems'; 4th book: moral discourses: Jestes? delectable devises.
      Note on fly 1576 edition: Imprinted at London, by Richarde Iones dwelling over against S. Sepulchers church without Newgate.
      Table on R3-R4 alphabetical index to chapters.

      PR 24412

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