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Beeton, Isabella Mary   1836-1865

  • Beeton's housewife's treasury of domestic information
  • Subjects: household,

    • 1. Beeton's housewife's treasury of domestic information: forming a companion volume to "Mrs. Beeton's book of household management, etc."
      xxx, 1056   80

      also [1880] ed., see other titles by Beeton in Axford, L., but no item information given.

      see in BLIC (D-7945.bbb.24)

  • Book of household management
  • Subjects: household, medicine, law, cookery,

    • 1. The book of household management…Also, Sanitary, Medical, and Legal Memoranda; with a History of the Origin, Properties, and uses of all things connected with home life and comfort.
      1112   Illus  

      Isabella Mary [Mayson] Beeton

      see in Axford, L., (alph); see in BLIC (1859, 1861, 1863, [1868], [1869?], [1879-80], 1879, 1888, 1892, 1906, 1968 eds.)

    • 2. — Mrs. Beeton's Household Management, A Complete Cookery Book. New ed.
      1680   Illus  

      see also The management of children in health and sickness [1866]

      see in Axford, L., (alph); see in BLIC (1950? ed.)

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