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Brillat-Savarin, Jean Anthelme   1755-1826

  • Physiology of Taste
  • Subjects: gastronomy,

    • 1. The Physiology of Taste; or, transcendental Gastronomy. Translated from the last Paris ed., by Fayette Robinson.

      Illustrated by anecdotes of distinguished artists and statesmen of both continents.
      Other translated versions are listed in Axford, L., (alph)

      see in Axford, L., (alph)

  • Gastronomy as a Fine Art
  • Subjects: gastronomy,

    • 1. Gastronomy as a Fine Art, or, the Science of good living. A translation [slightly abridged] of the "Physiologie du goût" ... By R. E. Anderson.
      1877 [1876]
      280   80

      see in BLIC (2270.a.3)

  • The handbook of dining
  • Subjects: dining, gastronomy,

    • 1. The handbook of dining or how to dine ... Based chiefly upon the Physiologie du Goût of Brillat-Savarin. By Leonard Francis Simpson ...
      18 cm   [5], viii-xv, [3], x-xi, [1], 244   80
      GB:   LB  

      With a half-title.
      Printer's name from colophon.
      Microfilm. Made from a copy in the Bodleian Library.

      see in BLIC (RB.23.a.33462) (also 1864 edition)

  • Physiologie du gout
  • Subjects: gastronomy,

    • 1. Physiologie du goût. A handbook of gastronomy. New and complete translation. With fifty-two ... etchings by A. Lalauze [and a preface by C. Monselet].
      xvi, 576   80
      GB:   LB  

      see in BLIC (559.a.20) (also 1915 ed.)

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