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Tasso, Torquato / Bartholomew Dowe   

  • Householders philosophie
  • Subjects: household, household (dairy),

    • 1. The householders / philosophie. / Wherein is perfectly and profitably described, / the true oeconomia and forme of housekeeping. // With a table added thereunto of all the notable / thinges therein contained. // First written in Italian by that excellent Orator and Poet / Signior Torquarto Tasso, and now translated / by T.K. // Whereunto is annexed a dairie Booke for / all good huswives.
      T. C.   Thomas Hacket   1588
      foliated [i-xii] 1-27   χ2, χ4, A-G4, A-b4, C2
      GB:   LB  

      ?2 [iii] Dedication: To Gentleman Maister Thomas ReadeÉ
      [v-xi]: Table indexing to folio numbering.

      STC: 23703 Bod: Antiq. e.E. 15885; English Experience No. 765 (1975),@ see also PR 23702.5

    • 2. — A dairie Booke for / good huswives. / Very profitable and pleasant for the making / and keeping of white meates.
      Thomas Hacket   1588
      A-B4, C2
      GB:   LB  

      Text in dialogue form between south Hamshire woman & Suffolke man; with a poem on early rising Ka. Dowe [C2].
      'Epistle to All good huswivesÉ to save them from the dumps & sullen fantasies', to be better spirited by having something to do in making cheese, and eating them.

      PR 23703

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