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Mascall, L   

  • A Booke of fishing with Hooke and Line
  • Subjects: fishing, trapping,

    • 1. A Booke of fishing with Hooke and Line, and all other instruments there-unto belonging. Another of Sundrie Engines and Trappes to take Polecats, Buzards, Ratttes, Mice and all other kindes of Vermine & Beasts whatsoever, most profitable for all Warriners, and such as delight in this kinde of sport and pastime. Made by L. M.
      John Wolfe   Edward   1590
      14 x 18   [1-3] 4-93   4o A-L4 M2
      GB:   LB  

      Many woodcuts illustrating traps etc.

      PR 17572

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