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Gosson, Stephen   

  • Quippes for upstart newfangled gentlewomen
  • Subjects: women, behaviour, household,

    • 1. Quippes for Upstart Newfangled Gentlewomen
      Richard Jones   1595
      US:   CSmH  

      subtitle - A Glasse to view the pride of É women containing É invective É [on] the fantastical foreign É used in women's apparel. Printed by R. Jones, 1595.
      Also contains: The Praise of all women, called É very fruitfull and delectable unto all the readers With Biblical examples, and advice on household duties: making clothes, keeping babies clean. Also contains: Here begy É a lytle boke named the Scholehouse of Women: wherein every É made a jood É prayse of the condicyons of women. 1541.

      PR 12096; BLC Mic.A.486. (2.)

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