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DALLAS, Eneas Sweetland   1828-1879

  • Kettner's book of the table
  • Subjects: gastronomy,

    • 1. Kettner's | book of the table | a manual of cookery | practical | theoretical | historical
      London: Dulau and Co; 1877
      19.5 x 12.5 cm   Pp [i-vi], 1-500 [501-504]   Green cloth  
      Bib:   A237   B258  
      GB:   LB destroyed   LCF   LCS   LG   LWel   LoEN   OB   *OPo(F)  
      US:   NN   MH   MB   DLC   MCR   NNNAM  

      There is a quotation from "Paradise regained' on the title-page. The book is dedicated on page v to George Augustus Sala. The entries are arranged alphabetically from absinthe to zootje.

    • 2. — [Title as 1877]
      London: Kettner's Ltd; 1912
      19.5 x 12.5 cm   Pp [1-10] ads, [i-x], 1-500 [501-504]   Green cloth with woman holding dish of roses on front  
      Bib:   A237   B258  
      GB:   LCF   LCS   LWel   OB   *OPo(F)   WYoBCe   WYoLU(B)  
      US:   ICJ  

      Below the publisher's name on the title-page is "Original edition, 1877 < Reprinted, 1912'. The first of the ten pages of advertisements for Kettner's Restaurant claims that Sala and "J. J. Dallas' persuaded Kettner in 1877 to write this book; however, E. S. Dallas was the true author (see entry for the 1968 edition).% 0688

    • 3. — Kettner's | book of the table | by | E. S. Dallas | A manual of cookery, | practical, theoretical | historical | Preface by Derek Hudson
      [London]: Centaur Press Ltd; [1968]
      21.5 x 13.5 cm   Pp [i-v] vi-xiv [xv-xvi], [1] 2-500   [3s on dust-jacket]   Cream cloth  
      Bib:   A237  
      GB:   LB   LCS   *OPo(F)  
      US:   PPiU   TU   CoFS   WU   CSt   KU   IEdS   MU   ViU   CU-SC   DLC  

      In the preface Derek Hudson gives a biography of E. S. Dallas and credits Mr Francis Roellinger for establishing his authorship. Leonard Beck in "Two "loaf-givers^` or a tour through the gastronomic libraries of Katherine Golden Bitting and Elizabeth Robins Pennell`, Washington: Library of Congress, 1984, considers Dallas' book to be "one of the classics of gastronomical literature`.% 0689

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