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Buttes, Henry   

  • Dyets dry dinner
  • Subjects: grace, cookery, diet,

    • 1. Dyets Dry / Dinner: / Consisting of eight severall courses: /
      1. Fruites 5. Whitmeats
      2. Hearbes 6. Spice
      3. Flesh 7. Sauce
      4. Fish 8. Tabacco
      All served in after the order of Time / universall. / By Henry Buttes. Maister of Artes, and Fellowe of C.C.C. in C. / Qui miscuis utile dulci / Cicero. / Non nobis solum nati suitans, sed / Ortus nostri sibi vendicant.
      Thomas Creede   William Wood   1599
      8 x 12.5   8o [A1-A2] A3-4 [5-8] A2 A2 [Aa3-4] Ain12 B-P8
      GB:   LB  

      A3 [ii-vi] Dedication: to Lady Anne Bacon [heire to Ed. Buttes her fatherÉ]
      [viii-xiii] Dedication: to Friends: Richard & Elynor Thekeston
      [xiv-xvii] Dedication: to My countrymen readers
      [xviii]: Authors method in verse by Samuel Wallsall
      [xxi]: Grace, with several graces after on P6v-8v.

      PR 4207

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