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Timme, T.   

  • Chymicall and hermeticall physicke
  • Subjects: health, domestic chemistry,

    • 1. The practise of chymicall, and Hermeticall physicke, for the preservation of health
      Thomas Creede   1605
      13 x 17.5   unpaginated 1- 58   8o A-Bb8 A-D [BL says 4o ]
      GB:   LB  

      Dedication: Sir Charles Blunt Earle of Devonshire [É.Gen of Ireland], with introduction to Chymicall & Hermeticall Physicke.
      Translated by T. Timme.
      In black letter.
      See also: 1633 A Storehouse of Physicall and Philosophicall Secrets, London, Thomas Harper, Pp 57 4o .

      BLC 1039.g.4. (1.); see also PR 7276

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