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Harrington, John   

  • Englishmans Docter
  • Subjects: diet, health,

    • 1. The / Englishmans / Docter. / or, / The Schoole of Salerne. / or, / physicall observations for the perfect / preserving of the body of man in con - / tinuall health.
      Iohn Holme, Iohn Busby   1607
      8.2 x 13.5   4o A-C4
      GB:   LeU(B)  

      A3 Address: The Printer to the Reader.
      A4: Ad Lidbrum: about no foreign foods.
      A5: In Librum: poem about Food & Life.
      A5v: In Laudem Operis: praise poem.

      PR 21605 under Salerno

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