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Blundeville, Thomas [Federico Grisone]   

  • Offices belonging to horsemanship
  • Subjects: horsemanship,

    • 1. The foure chiefest offices belonging to horsemanship : that is to say, the office of the breeder, of the rider, of the keeper, and of the ferrer. In the first part whereof is declared, the order of breeding of horses: in the second, how to breake them, and to make them horses of seruice; containing the whole art of riding lately set forth, and nowe newly corrected, and amended by the author, as well touching the true vse of the hand and musroll, as the turne of the horse. Thirdly, how to diet them, as well when they rest, as when they trauel by the way. Fourthly, to what diseases they be subiect, together with the causes of such diseases, the signes how to know them, and finally how to cure the same. Whereto are added diuers medicines, not heretofore printed. Which bookes are not onely painfully collected out of a number of authors, but also orderly disposed and applied to the vse of this our countrey. By Master Blundeuill of Newton-Flotman in Norffolke.
      Humfrey Lownes   Company of Stationers   1609

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      PR 3157

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