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Venner, Tobias   

  • Demonstration of nourishments
  • Subjects: diet, health,

    • 1. Via recta ad vitam longam, or, A plain philosophicall demonstration of the nature, faculties, and effects of all such things as by way of nourishments make for the preservation of health : with divers necessary dieteticall observations, as also of the true use and effects of sleep, exercise, excretions, and perturbations, with just applications to every age, constitution of body, and time of yeere
      R. Bishop   Henry Hood   1620

      Sourced from World CAT : Book : Microfilm : Master microform
      BLC notes that a 1620 edition is printed by E. Griffin for R. Moore. 4o [195 pp]
      Other editions - 1621, 1623, 1637, 1650

      BLC 1165.h.27; PR 24643

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