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Parkinson, John (apothecary)   

  • Garden of pleasant flowers
  • Subjects: cookery, domestic medicine, husbandry, kitchen garden, salad, flowers,

    • 1. Paradisi in Sole / Paradisus Terrestris - / or / A garden of all sorte of pleasant flowers which our, / English ayre will permitt to be noursed up: / with / A Kitchen garden of all manner of herbes, rootes, & fruits, / for meate or sauce used with us, / and / an orchard of all sorte of fruitbearing trees / and shrubbes fit for our Land / together / with the right orderinge planting & preserving / of them and their uses and vertues / Collected by John Parkinson / Apothecary of London / 1629
      Humphrey Lowne, Robert Young   1629
      21.5 x 13.0   tipped in plates of Garden of Eden tp [iii-viii] 1-612 [613-632]   8o χ6 A-Fff8 Ggg in 2
      GB:   LB  

      XX2: Dedication: to Majeste the Queen
      XX3 Address: To the courteous reader
      In address he says he is publishing the book because people should spread the knowledge of God, not keep it concealed.
      The publication is underwritten by Dr Theo Mayerne. There is a woodcut portrait of J. P. on ?v final leaf.

      PR 19300

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