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ROSS SMELLIE, Miss Christina   

EpicureDir 1899 cites Miss Christina Ross Smellie on page 96 as a "teacher of domestic economy in all its branches ie first-aid, hygiene, cookery, laundry, scientific dresscutting and needlework". Her post is given as Teacher, Brighton School Board and Municipal Council; her address, 101 Queen's Park Road, Brighton. @An entry for this author also appears in EpicureDir 1909. Her position is now Principal, Domestic School and Pension for Young Ladies, Cromarty House; her address, 34 Sussex Square, Brighton.

  • A manual of cookery
  • Subjects: education,

    • 1. [An edition of "A manual of cookery", nd]

      CBCat 39 cites "A manual of cookery. Arranged to meet the requirements of the City and Guilds and other examining bodies.", nd [about 1890s], pages 124, 214 recipes.

  • A simple cookery book
  • Subjects: education,

    • 1. A simple | cookery book. | Arranged by | Miss Ross Smellie, | (First Class Diplomee), | for the use of her pupils attending the Board and | Voluntary Schools in Brighton.
      Brighton: Trill and Sons, Printers to the Board; 1890
      20.0 x 12.5 cm   Pp [1-2] tp, [i] ii-viii, [1] 2-62   Beige paper  
      US:   *NN  

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