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SALA, George Augustus Henry Fairfield   24 November 1828-9 December 18

For the story of Sala's life and a list of publications by him, see "Sala: the portrait of an eminent Victorian" by Ralph Straus, London: Constable and Co Ltd, [1942].

  • The thorough good cook
  • Subjects: general,

    • 1. The | thorough | good cook | a series of | chats on the culinary art | and | nine hundred recipes | by | George Augustus Sala
      London, Paris and Melbourne: Cassell and Co Ltd; 1895
      20.5 x 16.0 cm   Pp [i-v] vi-viii [ix] x-xiii [xiv] xv-xvii [xviii-xx], [1] 2-492   Blue cloth with design of peapods and another plant on front  
      Bib:   B415  
      GB:   LB   LCS   LWel   LoEN   OB   *OPo(F)   ScGQ   WYoLU(B)  
      US:   DLC   NcU   OrU   CtY   PP  

      There are three prefaces: the first is addressed to the general reader; the second, to the lady of the house; the third, to Mrs Cook. Pages 1-76 are called "Chats about cookery". Pages 77-467 are recipes. One of the author's stated aims was to make the book as cosmopolitan as possible.% American editions: There was one, New York, Chicago, Paris and Washington: Brentano's, 1896.

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