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SANTIAGOE, Daniel   born 1864?

  • The curry cook's assistant
  • Subjects: ceylon, cookery of, curry,

    • 1. The | curry cook's assistant; | or | curries, | how to make them in England | in their original style. | By | Daniel Santiagoe, general servant, | son of Francis Daniel, butler and fiddler, Trichinopoly, | Madras, India, and Columbo, Ceylon | Ceylon tea house waiter | Royal Jubilee Exhibition, Liverpool, 1887 | International Exhibition, Glasgow, 1888 | Third edition
      London: Kegan Paul, Trench and Co; 1889
      16.0 x 10.0 cm   Pp [i-v] vi-vii [viii-ix] x [xi] xii-xiv [xv] xvi-xvii [xviii] xix-xx, [1] 2-80, [i-ii] publ ads   Rebound  
      GB:   LB   LWel   *LoEN   OB  
      US:   NN  

      The third edition includes the prefaces to the first and second editions. The preface to the first edition was written by A. Egmont Hake who, with Mr Haldane, brought Santiagoe and his fellow servants from Ceylon to England. The first edition appears to have been published in 1887 since the author includes a note from his first edition dated Ceylon Court, R. J. E., Liverpool, England, 1887. There is also a review of the first edition reprinted from "Saturday review" of 22 October 1887. The review refers to the work as "a little pamphlet". Santiagoe says in his preface to the second edition that 500 copies of the first edition were printed, 400 of which were sold at 6d each, the remainder presented to friends in England and Ceylon. The preface to the second edition is dated International Exhibition, Glasgow, 1888.
      This third edition contains sixty-one numbered recipes for Ceylon curries. The text is written in the author's imperfect but colourful English and is laced with delightful descriptions. On page 9, f

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