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  • How to cook well and cheaply
  • Subjects: general,

    • 1. How to cook well | and cheaply. | Containing many suggestions and a | number of recipes.
      London: at the Office of "Black and white'; [April 1901]
      17.5 x 12.0 cm   Pp 1-96   [2d on binding]   Green paper  
      GB:   *LB   OB  

      The binding describes this as No. 3 of "The home series' published in April 1901 and edited by Florence White. Born on 20 June 1863, Florence White was founder of The English Folk Cookery Association, and the author of "Good things in England' first published in May 1932, "Flowers as food' first published in 1934, and "Good English food' first published in 1952 # all highly regarded cookery books. Her autobiography, "A fire in the kitchen', was published in 1938. "How to cook well and cheaply' must be one of her earliest cookery publications.

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