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  • Improved and economic cookery
  • Subjects: promotional,

    • 1. Improved and economic | cookery. | Liebig "Company's" Extract | of Meat. | Third edition.
      London: Liebig's Extract of Meat Co Ltd; [1887]
      15.5 x 8.0 cm   Pp [i-iii] iv [v-vii] viii-xii, [13] 14-48   Paper with woman adding extract to saucepan on front  
      US:   *NNNAM  

      The introduction is dated London, February 1887 and tells the history of Liebig's Extract of Meat. The following pages contain 111 numbered recipes. The NNNAM copy is to be found in an uncatalogued box of pamphlets in the Wilson Collection.
      For other books promoting the use of the meat extract see Liebig's Extract of Meat Co.

    • 2. — [Another edition, fourth, [1888]]

      BP 1911, page 47, cites the fourth edition, London: [1888].% 2193

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