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  • Instruction in cookery
  • Subjects: education, schools,

    • 1. [An edition of "Instruction in cookery", 1885]

      CulCat 5 cites "School Board for London. Instruction in cookery.", 1885, pages 36.

  • Book of receipts
    • 1. [Another edition, 1888]
      GB:   Priv coll  

      A private collector owns an edition with the title, "School Board for London. School Management Department. Instruction in cookery. Book of receipts." On the title-page is the printer's name # Hazell, Watson and Verney Ltd # and the print-run and date # "3,500 # 8.2.88".% General comments: In 1890 the School Board issued "Cookery book and general axioms for plain cookery" formulated by Miss E. Briggs. The cover-title was "Instruction in cookery < Book of receipts and axioms". I have been unable to compare the text formulated by Briggs with the Board's earlier book described here to see whether they are in any way related. See Briggs, Miss E., for the entry for the later work.

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