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Noble lyfe and natures of man

By Andrewes, Lawrens

subjects: natural history, food preparation, cookery,

  • 1. The noble lyfe and natures of man, Of bestes / serpentys / fowles & fisshyes it be moste knowen
    c 1521
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    Early version Hortis Sanitatus. 1521 copy reprinted 1954 in quarto.
    Andrewes also wrote: "The Vertuose Boke of Distyllacyon" (1527), BLC: 45 g.3.
    Typography in black letter; has been described with 'woodcuts of wonderful animals, mermaids, serpents, birds, quadrepeda with men's and women's heads, a stork with its neck tied in a knot.'
    'I Lawrens Andrewe of the towne of Calis have translated for Johannes doesbarrowe, booke printer in the cite of Andwarpe, this present volume devyded in thre partes, which were never before in no maternall lanquage printed tyl now'

    BLC 7008.dd.16.