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English Husbandman

By Markham, Gervase

subjects: gardening, farming, husbandry,

  • 1. The English Husbandman
    T. S.   John Browne   1613
    1-132 ["The First Part of the English Husbandman"]   4o χ2 A-I4 B-R4 S2
    GB:   LB  

    "The First Part of the English Husbandman" begins at B. Opening pages contain 'Rules of Husbandry'.
    Writer's name: Garvis Markhan

    PR 17355

  • 2. — The English husbandman. The first part: contayning the knowledge of the true nature of euery soyle within this kingdome: how to plow it ; and the manner of the plough, and other instruments belonging thereto. Together with the art of planting, grafting, and gardening after our latest and rarest fashion. A worke neuer written before by any author: and now newly compiled for the benefit of this kingdome.
    Thomas Snodham   Iohn Browne   1613

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    PR 17355