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Second course cookery book


subjects: education, schools,

  • 1. School Board for London. | School Management Department. | Second course | cookery book | Instructions and recipes specially prepared | to meet the requirements of the syllabus | of instruction in domestic subjects adopted | by the Board, and approved by the Board | of Education. | Price one penny. | Sold at the Offices of the Board, Victoria Embankment, W.C., | and may be obtained from | P. S. King & Son, 2 and 4, Great Smith Street, Westminster, S.W. | T & C # 10,000 # S. B. 419-10-2-1904.
    [London: Tarrant and Clark; 1904]
    18.0 x 12.0 cm   Pp [1-3] 4-27   1d   Rebound
    Bib:   A361   B602  
    US:   *DLC  

    General comments: An edition dated 1906 was issued bound with "First course cookery book". For a description of the 1906 edition see "First course cookery book".