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Second booke of English Husbandman

By Markham, Gervase

subjects: kitchen garden, husbandry, preserves, herbs, flowers,

  • 1. The Second Booke of the English Husbandman.
    T. S.   John Browne   1615
    [i-viii] 1-105 [106]   A4 A2 B-N4 D4
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    This copy bound in with analysed copy of "The First Part of the English Husbandman" (1615).
    Contains chapters on 'Goodmens Recreation', Fishing, Angling, Fighting Cockes.

    PR 17356

  • 2. — The second booke of the English husbandman. Contayning the ordering of the kitchin-garden, and the planting of strange flowers: the breeding of all manner of cattell. Together with the cures, the feeding of cattell, the ordering both of pastures and meddow- ground: with the vse both of high-wood and vnder-wood. Whereunto is added a treatise, called Good mens recreation: contayning a discourse of the generall art of fishing, with the angle, and otherwise; and of all the hidden secrets belonging thereunto. Together vvith the choyce, ordering, breeding, and dyeting of the fighting cocke. A worke neuer written before by any author.
    T. S. [Thomas Snodham]   Iohn Browne   1615

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    WorldCat lists an edition at 1614.

    PR 17356