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English Husbanmen in two bookes

By Markham, Gervase

subjects: husbandry, farming, gardening, preservation,

  • 1. The English husbandman : drawne into two bookes, and each booke into tvvo parts. The first part contayning the knowledge of husbandly duties, the nature of all sorts of soiles within this kingdome, the manner of tillage, the diversity of ploughes, and all other instruments. The second part containing the art of planting, grafting, and gardening, the vse of the vine, the hopgarden, and the preservation of all sorts of fruits, the draught of all sorts of knots, mazes, and other ornaments. Newlie reviewed, corrected, and inlarged by the first author, G.M.
    [by Augustine Mathewes and John Norton]   William Sheares   1635

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