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Cheap and good husbandry

By Markham, Gervase

subjects: husbandry, animal farming, bees, fish farming,

  • 1. Cheap and Good / Husbandry / For the well-ordering of all / beasts, and fowles , and for the / generall cure of their diseases.
    T. S.   Roger Jackson   1614
    1 - 162   χ8 A8 B4-X4
    GB:   LB  

    Dedication: to Richard Sakville, Earl of Dorset.
    Address: To reader. Published for the 'good of the Realme', to offer 'English practises'.
    Table of contents; table of hard words.
    Chapters on Cattel, Poultries, Medicines for Houskes, Bees, Fishing Ponds.

    PR 17336

  • 2. — Cheape and good husbandry for the well-ordering of all beasts and fowles, and for the generall cure of their diseases. : Containing the natures, breeding, choice, use, feeding, and curing of the diseases of all manner of cattell, as horse, oxe, cow, sheepe, goats, swine, and tame conies. Shewing further, the whole art of riding great horses, with the breaking and ordering of them, and the dieting of the running, hunting, and ambling horse, and the manner how to use them in their travaile. Also approved rules for the cramming, and fatting of all sorts of poultry, and fowls, both tame and wilde, &c. And diverse good and well-approved medicines for the cure of all the diseases in hawkes, of what kind soever. Together with the use and profit of bees, the making of fish-ponds, and the taking of all sorts of fish. Gathered together for the generall good and profit of this whole realme, by exact and assured experience from English practices, both certaine, easie, and cheap, differing from all former and foraine experiments, which either agreed not with our clime, or were too hard to come by, or over-costly, and to little purpose: all which herein are avoyded. Newly corrected and inlarged with many excellent additions, as may appeare by this marke.
    Anne Giffrin   Iohn Harison   1631

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    PR 17340