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Countrey contentments in two books

By Markham, Gervaise

subjects: leisure, hunting, riding, sports, household,

  • 1. Countrey / Contentments, / In two Books: /
    I. B.   R. Jackson   1615

    This book contains much material on horses and hunting, as well as The English Housewife, and material on sports such as tennis, ballooning, and bowling.

  • 2. — Countrey contentments, in two bookes : the first, containing the whole art of riding great horses in very short time, with the breeding, breaking, dyeting and ordring of them, and of running, hunting and ambling horses, with the manner how to vse them in their trauell. Likewise in two newe treatises the arts of hunting, hawking, coursing of grey- hounds with the lawes of the leash, shooting, bowling, tennis, baloone &c.
    I. B. [John Beale}   R. Iackson   1615

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