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Fifty lunches

By KENNY-HERBERT, Colonel Arthur Robert

subjects: meals, lunch, menus,

  • 1. Fifty lunches | by | A. Kenney-Herbert | ("Wyvern") | "Cordon Rouge," author of "Fifty Breakfasts," "Fifty Dinners," | "Common-sense Cookery," etc.
    London and New York: Edward Arnold; nd
    18.0 x 12.0 cm   Pp [1-2] ad, [i-ii] iii-iv, 1-172, [1] 2-32 [33-34] ads   [2s 6d on p 12 of ads]   Maroon cloth
    Bib:   B257  
    GB:   Priv coll   LB   LWel   OB   *OPo(F)   WYoLU(B)  
    US:   DLC   NNNAM  

    The cover-title is "Fifty luncheons'. There are fifty menus each followed by the corresponding recipes. The publisher's advertisements following page 172 are dated October 1896 and LB and OB date this edition [1896].
    The LWel copy has an extra, unpaginated leaf of advertisements immediately after page 172.
    The NNNAM copy has publisher's advertisements dated October 1899. The pagination runs [1-2] ads, [i-ii] iii-iv, 1-172, [i-ii] ad for Florador, [1] 2-32 [33-34] ads.
    DLC has a copy with publisher's advertisements dated October 1902 on page 1 and February 1903 on page 4. The pagination runs [1-2] ad, [i-ii] iii-iv, 1-172, [i-ii] ads, 1-31 [32-34].
    A British private collector owns a copy with no publisher's advertisements, only end-paper advertisements. Its pagination runs [1-2] ads, [i-ii] iii-iv, 1-172, [i-ii] ads.

  • 2. — [Title as first edition] | Second impression
    London: Edward Arnold; nd
    18.0 x 12.0 cm   Pp [i-ii] iii-iv, 1-172   Maroon cloth
    GB:   *Bookseller's stock  

    General comments: NUCat records an edition dated [1895] at MH, an edition dated [1896] at MB, and an edition dated [1903'] at DLC (see comments to the first edition) and MU. NIC(HA) and WU both report copies dated [1903'] and Axford 155 cites an edition dated 1903('). MCR holds a copy which it dates 1903.% 2316