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Tinned food with advice and recipes for its treatment

By KENNY-HERBERT, Colonel Arthur Robert

subjects: tinned food, cooking with, promotional,

  • 1. Tinned food | with | advice and recipes for its treatment; | being | John Moir & Son's | (Limited) | export catalogue; | annotated by | "Wyvern," | author of "Culinary Jottings," "Sweet Dishes," &c.
    Leeds: Alf Cooke; 1893
    21.0 x 14.0 cm   Pp [1-2] tp, [i] ii [iii] iv-vi, [3] 4-104   Blue paper covered boards
    GB:   *LWel  

    The cover-title is "Moir's preserved food and how to prepare it for the table, by "Wyvern"'. In the introduction, which is dated London, 1 May 1892, the author comments, "The advice I give in this catalogue is more particularly addressed to Messrs J. Moir and Son's cliente1le in India and the Colonies; nevertheless there is much of it quite practicable in England, and to be earnestly recommended to home consumers of preserved food.' Pages 7-62 contain a catalogue of 119 numbered entries for Moir's products with Kenney-Herbert's suggestions for use. Pages 63-104 are recipes.